Varicose veins are enlarged, deformed veins that typically appear on the legs and feet. For most individuals, varicose veins or spider veins – a milder variation of varicose veins – are simply a cosmetic concern. However, if left untreated, varicose veins can cause significant discomfort and pain. In severe cases, they can also lead to rashes, ankle discoloration, phlebitis (inflammation of a vein), bleeding, leg ulcers or blood clots.

Sclerotherapy Treatment

Belmont Plastic Surgery is a surgical specialty practice that offers minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins and spider veins. Sclerotherapy vein treatment recommendations are based upon clinical examination and ultrasound evaluation of the legs. Sclerotherapy is a highly effective procedure producing excellent results for patients who wish to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins.

What happens during a sclerotherapy procedure?

During a sclerotherapy treatment, a sclerosing solution is injected into the veins. This solution causes an irritation to the inner lining of the vein. As a result, the vein begins to shrink, and eventually dissolve over a period of weeks. Most people who undergo sclerotherapy experience very positive results.

Will I need multiple sclerotherapy treatments?

The number of sclerotherapy treatments required varies greatly among patients. In most cases, you should anticipate an average of three to four sclerotherapy treatments to achieve optimal results. Multiple treatments can be done in four to six week intervals.

When will results be visible?

Once you have completed a sclerotherapy session, scar tissue will form in the affected vein. The scar tissue will begin to fade within two to four weeks and final results should be visible. A single blood vessel may require more than one treatment to see results.

How long will the results last?

After the initial series of recommended sclerotherapy treatments are completed, there is the chance that you will develop new varicose veins. Individuals with a history of spider veins tend to develop new ones. Dr. Feledy may recommend yearly touch-ups to maintain results.

Are they any side-effects to sclerotherapy?

Risks associated with sclerotherapy are rare and often mild. There is the chance that you may develop some skin irritation at the site of injection. Dr. Feledy can discuss any other potential side-effects at length during your consultation.

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