Capsular Contracture Treatment

When breast implants have been used in a breast augmentation or reconstruction, there is a chance that the body may react to the implant and form a capsule around it. This scar tissue can get hard and cause the breast or breasts to be painful. Sometimes this happens after many years or sometimes it can happen relatively soon after breast implant surgery. There are different options to consider. One is to remove the capsule and breast implant completely. Another is to remove the capsule and replace the breast implant. Dr. Feledy is an expert at capsular contracture treatment and can help you make the best decision.

“After 15 years of having breast implants, I developed capsular contracture and the implants became hard and painful. After learning how to address it, Dr Feledy helped me remove the implants and replace them with new ones in such a way that will help me avoid the chances of it recurring.” —R.S.*

Capsular Contracture Surgery

What is capsular contracture and how does it come about?

One complication of breast augmentation with breast implants is "capsular contracture" or "capsular contraction". This causes the result of the breast augmentation to become effected and sometimes even can become painful or uncomfortable as the breasts appear to harden. What is actually happening is the formation of a capsule - a thin layer of body tissue, similar to scar tissue - has formed around the breast implant. The exact cause of this occurring person to person is not entirely known, however it can be treated.

How can I tell if I have capsular contracture?

Indicators that a capsule has formed or capsular contracture is occurring are:

  • The breasts implant may appear to rise or site higher than it should.
  • The breast may feel harder or more firm than it normally would
  • The breast implant area may experience some painful or discomfort.

If you have any questions about the chances of this occurring with your breast implants, you should come to Belmont Plastic Surgery and get a consultation at your nearest convenience.

How common is capsular contracture?

Capsular contracture in greater or lesser form may occur in around 25% of all women that have breast implants. It is not something to be especially alarmed about as the surgery to correct it can be performed pretty quickly and with minimal complications. Dr. Feledy is a skilled plastic surgeon that has corrected capsular contracture over two decades.

How do you treat capsular contracture?

There are different methods of treating capsular contracture. Some are to remove the capsule that formed around the breast. Another option is to remove the capsule and replace the breast implant with a new one. Another is to remove the capsule and breast implant and utilizing fat grafting to try to maintain some volume in a natural manner. Dr. Feledy will discuss all the options with you and agree on the best course of resolving the condition so you are happy with the results.

If you have or even think you may have capsular contracture, contact us today so we can help isolate what is going on and assist you to resolve it.

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