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Without a doubt, becoming a mother is an amazing experience that offers a lifetime of beautiful and loving memories. Nonetheless, the journey to motherhood, childbirth and then breastfeeding can result in physical changes that many mothers who live in and around Bethesda, Maryland, decide to address with a combination of procedures. There is a combination of procedures designed specifically for mothers that, when performed during the same surgical session, are lovingly referred to as the mommy makeover. We have offices in both Washington, DC and Stafford, VA to better serve you. Schedule your consultation for a Mommy Makeover in Bethesda today!

Improving Their Overall Quality Of Life


In the last 10 years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of women choosing to have mommy makeover procedures. These procedures are designed to address the changes in the body that become evident after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Mothers choose to have plastic surgery procedures to rejuvenate their bodies, which increases their self-confidence level and improves their overall quality of life. At his surgery center, near Bethesda, Maryland, Dr. Jules Feledy creates his patients their own treatment plans. Each plan is tailored to meet a mother’s specific needs. With a mommy makeover, Dr. Feledy can address the breasts, abdomen and other parts of the body that are holding on to fat.

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Achieving New Appearance


These procedures are specifically designed to meet the needs of a particular patient. Typically, procedures mothers choose address issues with the abdomen, breasts and areas with stubborn fat deposits. Common mommy makeover procedures include:

  • Breast lifts.
  • Tummy tucks.
  • Breast reductions.
  • Liposuction.
  • Breast augmentations, which can be performed with or without a breast lift.

The Right Fit For You


A wide range of body types and mothers are ideal for the mommy makeover procedures Dr. Feledy performs. A woman who is interested in having this combination procedure must be at least 18 years old, she needs to be healthy and a nonsmoker. She must also understand what the procedures she chooses to have can accomplish for her.

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Procedure Options For The Mommy Makeover At Belmont Plastic Surgery

Generally, Mommy Makeovers Includes Two or Three of the Procedures Listed Below:

An Abdominoplasty (AKA Tummy Tuck)

At Belmont Plastic Surgery, patients can choose to have a mini tummy tuck, which addresses the lower section of the abdomen or a full tummy tuck, which addresses the entire abdominal area. During this procedure, Dr. Jules Feledy creates an incision, the incision location and length is determined by the type of tummy tuck the patient is having, he stitches the patient’s abdominal muscles together to tighten them and removes the excess skin. By removing the excess skin, the patient enjoys a more defined abdomen and a smaller waistline.

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Liposuction is frequently performed in conjunction with the abdominoplasty. Using liposuction, Dr. Feledy removes excess fat. When Dr. Feledy removes skin beneath the navel (aka bellybutton), the stretch marks located in this area are removed as well.

The ‘Designer Belly Button:’

Some of the mothers who choose to have a full tummy tuck will require a ‘designer belly button.’ Dr. Feledy’s extensive experience with performing these procedures allows him to create natural-looking, beautifully redefined navels for his abdominoplasty patients. Abdominoplasty procedures can take from three to four hours. For a few days following a tummy tuck, patients should expect to feel some discomfort. Patients usually return to work about two weeks after their abdominoplasty procedure. Many mothers choose to have breast procedures with their abdominoplasty.


This procedure is used to remove excess fat from the abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, buttocks, knees, breast area, waist, chin and the upper section of the arms. Even mothers who follow a strict diet and implement an exercise program can find it difficult to reduce fat in certain parts of the body. With liposuction, Dr. Feledy can suction the excess fat out of targeted areas. After creating several incisions, a special fluid is injected into the area being treated. This fluid helps dissolve the fat so it can be suctioned out. Once the fat has dissolved, Dr. Feledy will insert the cannula (thin, hollow tube) through the incisions so he can suction it out.

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Mothers who are having breast procedures and/or tummy tucks frequently choose to add this procedure to their mommy makeovers. It is the number of areas being treated with liposuction that determines the length of the procedure. The discomfort experienced after this procedure is similar to that felt after a hard workout. After the liposuction procedure, patients wear a compression garment for approximately two weeks. Some patients will receive drains. While these results can be permanent, exercising regularly and eating healthy is recommended.

A Breast Lift (AKA Mastopexy)

A breast lift is used to firm and lift breasts that sag. The medical term for sagging breasts is ptosis. There are several different degrees of ptosis. This procedure will not increase the size of the breasts, however, if a breast augmentation is added to the mommy makeover procedures, the size of the breasts will increase and the breasts will be lifted to a more youthful position on the chest. Besides lifting the breasts, Dr. Feledy addresses the size of the nipple-areolar complexes. If these complexes are stretched, he will make them smaller so that they are proportionate to the size of the newly-lifted breast mounds.

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Once their size is proportionate, Dr. Feledy carefully moves them to natural-looking positions on the breast mounds. Depending on the extent of the patient’s ptosis, a breast lift can take up to two hours to complete. During recovery, patients need to sleep on their back. Each patient will receive her own recovery plan after her mommy makeover with Dr. Feledy near Bethesda, Maryland.

Breast Implant Surgery (AKA Breast Augmentation)

Mothers who would like to increase the size of their breasts may choose to have breast implant surgery as part of their mommy makeover. This procedure cannot lift the breasts, but some women choose to have a breast augmentation with a lift to address both of these issues. During breast implant surgery, Dr. Feledy uses breast implants to increase the size of the breasts. At Belmont Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Bethesda, patients can choose either saline or silicone breast implants, including the revolutionary gummy bear breast implants. Breast augmentation procedures have a variety of options that will need to be discussed.

Breast Implant Surgery Options

  • Implant type (silicone or saline).
  • Shape of implant (teardrop or round).
  • Implant size (varies).
  • Incision that will be used to insert the breast implants (periareolar, inframammary or transaxillary).
  • Pocket location for the implant (submuscularly or subglandularly).
  • A smooth or textured implant.

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Dr. Feledy assists the mother as she is making these decisions. His experience allows him to accurately determine which implant characteristics, incision option and pocket placement will serve each mommy makeover patient the best. An augmentation takes about an hour and a half. Patients can usually return to work within five days of their procedure. The swelling associated with this procedure typically subsides a few weeks after surgery. Some Bethesda mommy makeover patients choose to have a breast lift at the same time as their augmentation. If this is something that you would like to learn more about, please mention it during your initial consultation. If you are not sure whether you need just a lift, just an augmentation or would benefit from a combination lift and augmentation, Dr. Feledy is happy to answer any questions you have pertaining to these procedures. As a dedicated, board-certified aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Jules Feledy only recommends procedures that he believes will provide his patients with visible results, therefore, if he does not believe a procedure will make a difference for you, he will not recommend it.

Breast Implant Surgery With A Breast Lift

A breast lift creates the perky, youthful-looking breasts that women desire and the breast augmentation provides women with the fuller, voluptuous breasts they long for. Both of these procedures can be performed during a patient’s mommy makeover procedure at Belmont Plastic Surgery, near Bethesda, Maryland. The length of this combination procedure is determined by the extent of the lift and enlargement the mother is receiving. As time passes, the results of this combination procedure will continue to improve. In addition, visible scarring diminishes with time. For the first month after this procedure, patients must avoid lifting anything heavy.

A Breast Reduction

During a breast reduction, Dr. Feledy removes excess fat, glandular tissue and skin. He repositions the breast mounds higher on the chest, reduces the size of the nipple-areolar complexes and then repositions them on the breast mounds. It is essential that mothers interested in a breast reduction choose a surgeon who is familiar with the procedure so they will receive a natural-looking result. A breast reduction procedure usually takes from two to five hours. Mothers having this procedure should expect to be off work and/or school for up to two weeks. Breast reduction patients must avoid lifting anything heavy until Dr. Feledy releases them to do so.

Dr Jules Feledy, Plastic Surgeon in Washington DC & Chevy Chase

Dr. Jules Feledy Creates Each Mother A Personalized Mommy Makeover Treatment Plan

During your initial consultation, Dr. Feledy wants to know what issues you would like him to address during your mommy makeover. Please be candid with Dr. Feledy because he can only provide you with the results you desire if he knows what you would like to accomplish. Furthermore, it is your goals that help Dr. Feledy determine which procedure combinations will achieve your desired result. You will need to print up your registration forms and fill them out before your initial consultation with Dr. Feledy. These forms can be found here. Please be prepared to have a physical examination. The areas of your body that will be examined depend on the issues you would like addressed. During your examination, Dr. Feledy will be determining the quality of your skin, he may also take measurements and photos of the areas receiving treatment. He uses all this information as he creates your personalized mommy makeover plan. The photos he takes are part of your medical record, therefore, they will not be shared with others. After the examination, Dr. Jules Feledy will have the information he needs to determine which mommy makeover procedures you will benefit from the most. He will discuss these options with you. If you decide to move forward with the recommended procedures, another appointment will be scheduled. You will need to ask someone to drive you to the surgery center on the day of your mommy makeover and then back home again. In addition, please ask someone to remain with you for a few days after your mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover Recovery


A patient’s total recovery time is unique to her procedure plan; however, mommy makeover patients can expect to be recovering anywhere from two to three weeks. Therefore, Dr. Feledy recommends that his patients go ahead and take three weeks off of work/school. The location of the patient’s scars depends on the procedures she has done. The full tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck incisions are created directly above the pubic area (mini tummy tuck) and above the pubic area from hip to hip (full tummy tuck) so the resulting scars will be hidden beneath the patient’s clothing. The breast lift, breast reduction and breast augmentation procedures have numerous incision options. Dr. Feledy discusses all the incision options for these procedures with his patients during their initial consultations. Regardless of the location, Dr. Jules Feledy’s experience, artistic vision and skill allow him to strategically place incisions in areas that are inconspicuous. In addition, the incisions he creates heal well, thus ensuring the least visible scars possible.

Mommy Makeover
Frequently Asked Questions

Each mommy makeover procedure is uniquely designed for each patient. Therefore, the only way to determine how much this combination procedure will cost is for Dr. Feledy and the potential patient to discuss her options during an initial consultation.

Typically, no. The only procedure that insurance may cover is breast reduction surgery. Dr. Feledy recommends that his patients contact their insurance company ahead of time to ask about their specific coverage.

Dr. Feledy wants to help mothers as they work towards regaining their pre-pregnancy shape. For this reason, he offers two financing program options at his surgery center in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Bethesda. Mothers in the Bethesda, Maryland, area, who are considering the mommy makeover, should contact Dr. Feledy’s surgery center today at 301-654-5666 to schedule an initial consultation. Dr. Jules Feledy’s caring demeanor, dedication to excellence and state-of-the-art surgery center make him the perfect plastic surgeon to perform your mommy makeover procedures. Belmont Plastic Surgery is located at 5530 Wisconsin Ave, Ste 818, Chevy Chase, Maryland, which is close to Bethesda.

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The surgeons at Belmont Plastic Surgery are here to help you take the next step on your aesthetic journey. Whether you want to restore what has been lost or improve upon what you already have, our surgeons will help you make the best possible choices for your care and deliver excellent results. Every day is an opportunity to live a more beautiful life. Seize your opportunity today with a consultation at Belmont Plastic Surgery.

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