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Turn That Frown Upside Down

Erase Frown Lines with Dysport at Belmont Plastic Surgery

You've been starting to notice some wrinkles between your eyebrows — it's time to say goodbye to those frown lines. Belmont Plastic Surgery provides a reliable solution to relax away those stubborn wrinkles: Dysport. Dysport has proven very successful in treating the appearance of frown lines in the space between the eyebrows. These lines are caused by repeated movement of the facial muscles, and as a result, they may appear in people before other wrinkles naturally occur. Schedule your consultation with award-winning plastic surgeons Drs. Jules Feledy and Eric Maiorino in Washington DC to find out if Dysport is the best option for rejuvenating your face and restoring your confidence.

Defeat Your Wrinkles

What is Dysport?

Dysport is a neuromodulator injection that’s used to treat wrinkles between eyebrows, known as glabellar lines. These wrinkles, known as rhytids, are caused by the movement of the facial muscles in this area and over times can form deeper, longer lasting creases within the skin. The good news is that there’s something you can do about it. As some of Washington DC’s top cosmetic surgeons, Drs. Feledy and Maiorino offer both medical and surgical treatments for glabellar lines.

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Prevent Signs of Aging Early

What are the benefits of Dysport?

One of the benefits of Dysport treatment is the specificity of the treatment area. Dysport is exceptionally effective at treating frown lines, which are caused by repeated movement of facial muscles that occurs with natural aging. By only targeting the area between the eyebrows, the frown lines are relaxed. The rest of the facial muscles are left intact to operate normally. This gives Dysport users a more natural, more relaxed appearance. Dysport results typically last up to five months, and because it’s a chemical treatment, there is no recovery time. Plus, most Washington DC Dysport patients consider themselves more radiant after having injections. To learn more about these procedures, call us today!

Rejuvenate Your Face

Am I a good candidate for Dysport?

Most healthy adults with glabellar or “11” lines are candidates for Dysport injections. Your physician will ask about your medical history. Some medical conditions may make patients ill-suited for Dysport, including those with allergies to milk protein, diseases that affect muscles and nerves, breathing problems, swallowing problems, and heart problems. Additionally, if candidates have weak facial muscles, facial imbalances, or drooping or sagging eyelids, they may not be ideal candidates for Dysport.

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Goodbye Frown Lines

Your Dysport Procedure

As a minimally invasive procedure, Dysport requires no anesthetic. To begin your treatment with Dysport Washington DC plastic surgeons, Dr. Feledy or Dr. Maiorino will inject the medication through a very thin needle into the necessary facial muscles. Depending on the patient, the number of injections may vary. The treatment often takes less than 15 minutes.

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Good to Go

Dysport Recovery

There is no recovery period following Dysport injection due to its minimally invasive design, meaning you can carry on with your daily activities as usual and return to work or school immediately after treatment. Results should be seen in a few days. Though initial results are visible, Dysport® should be used as part of a longer-term anti-aging strategy for best results over time. The benefits of Dysport usually last for up to 5 months and may be repeated as soon as they start to fade.

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Say Hello to a More Youthful You

Dysport Results

While results from Dysport typically last for a few months, patients should know that all muscle movement is not eliminated by treatment. For example, people with significant frown lines may still experience some movement of these muscles. As long as there’s movement, small amounts of wrinkling can be visible. Because of this, Dysport is best for treating lines caused by facial muscle movements, such as those between your eyebrows or those that develop when you smile or furrow your brows.

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Unlock a New Level of Confidence

Schedule your Washington DC Dysport consultation with Belmont Plastic Surgery today

You’ve decided you want Dysport injections, but before scheduling your procedure, it’s essential to speak with either Chevy Chase Dysport providers, Dr. Feledy or Dr. Maiorino at Belmont Plastic Surgery in Washington DC They can best answer your questions and determine if Dysport is suitable for you and whether other concerns need addressing. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about Dysport and other procedures that will improve your relationship with your mirror.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dysport® injections take just a few minutes, and most Chevy Chase Dysport patients report minimal discomfort. Dysport’s safety record is unmatched; it’s been proven safe for 25 years, with more than 10 million treatments performed. And no long-term side effects are associated with using Dysport—patients can even return to work immediately after their injections without any noticeable redness or swelling in treatment areas.

The possible risk of side effects is minimal but can include headaches, nose and throat irritation, eyelid swelling or drooping, sinus inflammation, nausea, and injection site reaction or pain. Use of any form of botulinum toxin carries the extremely slight risk of the spread of the toxin throughout the body, which may cause spasms and additional symptoms. The use of human albumin within the Dysport injection gives an extremely low chance of the transmission of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, though this has never been recorded.

There are some treatments on the market that use botulinum toxin type A similarly. You may have heard of these brands or treatment names: Xeomin and Botox Cosmetic. Although they may be close in concept, they are all different products and are not interchangeable with Dysport.

Financing Options

If any of our patients need it, we are happy to offer CareCredit. For financing from $300 to $25,000, CareCredit offers several plans with low minimum monthly payments that should be able to fit into most budgets.


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The surgeons at Belmont Plastic Surgery are here to help you take the next step on your aesthetic journey. Whether you want to restore what has been lost or improve upon what you already have, our surgeons will help you make the best possible choices for your care and deliver excellent results. Every day is an opportunity to live a more beautiful life. Seize your opportunity today with a consultation at Belmont Plastic Surgery.

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