Patient Testimonials

Sheree W.
This is a wonderful place! The NP really knows what she is doing. She is very efficient! I really like the surgeon too. Even the front desk staff is very knowledgeable and knowledgeable and kind. *

Kati T.
I absolutely love Dr. Feledy! I had my surgery for breast augmentation back in March 2016 and I was expecting to be very nervous but him and his staff, mainly Donna, were very caring and answered all of our questions and concerns. My husband and I are very pleased with my results and I'm glad we choose Dr. Feledy to perform the surgery. *

Chris W.
Dr. Feledy may be the most talented plastic surgeon Washington DC has seen! I would not have believed he could do anything about my lopsided breasts since another surgeon had tried and failed. Once again, I can like my look. Love Belmont for their attention to detail and superb results!” *

Karla M.
So far Dr.Feledy has been great. I had my breast reduction last May and I'm super happy with my results. The recovery was very smooth and went great. I always had a response from Dr. Feledy's staff through out the whole process and they made me feel super comfortable. They worked around me and listen to what i wanted and needed. *

Mary P.
Dr. Feledy is indeed a very talented plastic surgeon. I would not have believed he could do anything about my lopsided breasts since another surgeon had tried and failed. This doctor managed to draw out the results he had penned on paper such that now the ripples don't show and once again, I can like my look. This is a big deal! He deserves praise for his skill and sense of aestheticism. The whole team made me feel very special. I highly recommend Belmont's services for their attention to detail and dedication to superb results. *

F S.
Thanks for the great Botox Dr Feledy! Not frozen..just smooth as silk as always. Chantal the aesthetician, thank you for all your wonderful sessions. Beautiful results! *

When I met with Dr Feledy, I decided to proceed with plastic surgery. I was a little afraid at first, but he and his assistant Donna put me at ease, and I felt very comfortable to proceed. The process was uneventful. The results were frankly amazing. I cant believe I waited so long. What a difference it made for me mentally and physically. I loved the whole team on my surgical day. Thank you so much to all of you that helped make my experience a positive and safe one! I will be back for other fun things to top off my wholesome look!! *

Andrew G.
Dr. Feledy really came through for us when we needed him. Our 2.5-year-old son recently severely gashed his nose at daycare, and the emergency room doctor (wisely) advised us that we would be better off having it treated by a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Feledy already had surgeries booked until late that afternoon. But instead of going home to his family once he was done, he and his staff went out of their way to open up a time for us to come in for a nearly hour-long procedure.

Once we arrived, it was clear immediately that Dr. Feledy and his staff are great with kids. I appreciated their close attention to our son's comfort throughout the experience. And during the procedure, Dr. Feledy's skill and meticulousness were astounding. My wife and I are amazed at the quality of the result.

Dr. Feledy is a superior doctor and a good person, and we feel lucky that he was there for our family. *

Rebecca A.
This is a great business! Dr. Feledy is very caring and nice, best doctor I've ever had. He always has time for me. His staff is great. I always leave happy with no complaints I recommend him to everyone. *

Susan N
Thank you so much for your time and expertise. I am more and more pleased and impressed each day. It is wonderful to see a doctor who takes time with his patients even though your schedule is extremely busy. The concern you provide is very rare. Thanks again! *

Nikki R.
I found Dr Feledy in the Washingtonian. I had previous work done from a different PS in Reston and was soooo disappointed that I would never go back to him. The first appt I had with them was a bit behind schedule.. however, once I was seen.. he spent ALL the time I needed. I never felt rushed. I never felt like he needed to go see the next patient.. so the time I waited for him/my appt was totally worth it. The work that he did was EXCELLENT. I had a breast aug with a lift. I went from having silicone to actually having him put saline in. I had pictures on my cell that he was able to look at and determine what type of "look" I wanted. He has EXCELLENT bed side manner and has never made me feel uncomfortable. I actually feel like we are friends.. haha. The staff that he works with are SUPER friendly. Again.. feel as though we are friends.. see a pattern?... If I were staying in the area, I would be back in the future. Heck, I would fly in for this one! *

Wala'a K.
Dr. Feledy is an absolutely wonderful doctor. I had 2 surgeries which are breast augmentation and liposuction, and they both are satisfied. I recommend him to all my friends and family. The staff are so friendly and super kind. *

Chip L.
Dr. Feledy is terrific and his skills are simply amazing!

We first met Dr. Feledy at Suburban Hospital's emergency room. My wife had just arrived via ambulance, suffering from a head injury that opened up a 5" gash above her eye that went all the way down to her skull. The attending doctor told us that closure would require a plastic surgeon, and that we were in luck for Dr. Feledy, a plastic surgeon with specialities in microvascular and reconstructive plastic surgery, was the doctor on call. After Dr. Feledy examined my wife our jaws dropped for he proclaimed my wife would have no scar! For a wound that was so deep and long, and in such a prominent place on her face, this seemed impossible. He worked on my wife for over 2 1/2 hours. His calm easy manner, quick wit, and compassion shone throughout the whole time. His skills were impressive for he knitted together not only all the damaged muscle and skin, but also the tiny blood vessels and nerves that had been severed.

A year out from her accident, my wife, indeed, has NO scar! Not only no scar, but the feeling in her forehead and scalp has fully returned. If my wife had been treated by a less talented and knowledgeable surgeon, not only would my wife have been scarred for life, but half her head would have been numb too.

Late last year when my dermatologist diagnosed a basal cell carcinoma on the end of my nose, although Dr. Feledy is over two hours away from where I live, he's the one whom I had remove it. He was able to remove the entire tumor, and two months post surgery my nose looks terrific!

Between my wife's accident and my surgery, we've been to his office over a dozen times. Not only he, but his staff have always exhibited professionalism, good humor, compassion, and competence. We have noticed, though, a lot of demanding and impatient clients. Perhaps if they realized he just might be stitching up some emergency room patient, or cancer patient, they'd be more understanding.

One of my clients is a recovery room nurse who works for a major hospital in the DC area. According to her, it's not well known, but West Coast celebrities who want to have top-notch plastic surgery done privately, without the glare of the paparazzi and public, Washington DC is where they come. And, Dr. Feledy is one of the few surgeons they fly in to see. While most of don't have jobs that depend on our looks, how fortunate we are to have one of the top plastic surgeons in the US available to ALL of us. Thank you again, Dr. Feledy and your staff! *

Seth D.
My 7 year old son was attacked by a dog and lost half of his ear. Dr. Feledy took the time to make sure my son was comfortable, and made the whole process as easy as it could be for such a traumatic event. While he sometimes does run a bit behind, you can tell it is because he takes the time with each and every patient to make sure their questions are answered, and he does not rush you during you appointment, which many doctors do these days.

Dr. Feledy is the best! *

Allison B.
I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Feledy and his staff! I have had two surgical procedures performed by him and both times it exceeded my expectations, both in the process and result. The first surgery was the first time I had ever had to go under general anesthesia and to say that I was petrified was a gross understatement!!! Both Dr. Feledy, the Anesthesiologist and the nursing staff were so comforting and reassuring and going under was actually quite pleasurable =) His post-surgical care is above and beyond what other surgeons offer. His receptionists are friendly and scheduling appointments is always a breeze and they get me in quickly. Several of my friends and colleagues also see him and are pleased. I will definitely be a longterm client!!!! *

A P.
Dr. Feledy and his staff are truly wonderful. I have had several non-surgical procedures here. I have seen their esthetician, Chantal; Laser Specialist, Joyce and Dr.Feledy. Each time I have received TLC and have had such a fun time. They offer many treatments, so I am to have my skin care done here and it recorded in my file. So everyone knows what has been done, what products did not work well for me and so on. No more guessing and starting from scratch. *

T F.
I would recommend this practice to everyone and anyone that wanted high quality professional service. Dr. Feledy is an amazing doctor and his staff is absolutely the best you can get. Please take my advice, I went elsewhere before I went here and there is no comparison!!!! Excellent doctor and staff!!!! *

Trina D.
I am writing this review because I have been a patient here for two procedures and I have found the staff to be excellent. Dr. Feledy is a kind, wonderful, exceptional doctor. He is very informative and very skilled in his profession. I will be returning to this practice and urge all others to do the same. Wonderful place!! *

Ali T.
Love it here. They are so busy so book your next appointment before you leave. Facials with Chantal are luxurious. I've heard she does lymphatic massage for pre and post-surgery. Will definitely try that when that time comes. Joyce for IPL treatments is great. She was conservative at first as to get to know my skin. Now that I've seen her a few times, we are comfortable to do some damage and reverse my years of baby oil and iodine:( *

Lisa P.
I have been to Belmont on several occasions when visiting family in Va. I love the laser treatments and the staff are warm and friendly. Thank you as always for top quality treatments and services. I have had numerous different treatments here. Laser Hair Removal, Body Slimming and Chemical Peels. They are very attentive to all of my needs and I highly recommend them. I visit when I am on the East coast *

William C.
My wife and I initially met with Dr. Feledy and Donna about my wife having a breast augmentation for her 40th birthday. Dr. Feledy spent a lot of time with my wife and made her feel very comfortable about the procedure. My wife scheduled her appointment for mid-October 2013.

Unfortunately, pre-surgical check-ups revealed that my wife had Stage 1 breast cancer. For treatment, my wife immediately elected to undergo a double mastectomy. For us, the best thing about Dr. Feledy was that not only is he a caring and talented plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation, but also a gifted surgeon experienced in helping cancer victims in breast reconstruction.

I'm not a doctor, but I do know enough to know that not all plastic surgeons are qualified to perform breast reconstruction given the complexity of the ongoing procedure in unison with cancer treatment. This issue became critical when our health insurance company threatened to not cover Dr. Feledy because he was out of our network. Instead, the insurance company offered the names of two unqualified surgeons. After writing the CEO and fighting with our insurance company for a week, they agreed that Dr. Feledy is a rare find. Not only did our insurance company cover Dr. Feledy 100%, they also negotiated a contract to bring him on board as an in-network provider.

Dr. Feledy performed the beginning phase of my wife's breast reconstruction alongside the surgical oncologist in early November. He visited the hospital on nights and weekends to check up on my wife. His office staff called on many occasions to make sure everything was OK. He now has my wife visiting his office weekly to make sure the reconstruction fares well. Dr. Feledy has been a saint!

Cancer is a horrible diagnosis as many people know, but my wife and I couldn't imagine having to go through this without Dr. Feledy and his wonderful staff. Thank you from the bottom of our heart Jules! *

Valerie R.
Have had many facials and microdermabrasion treatments. There is a new employee name Chantal and she is wonderful. What a class act! Very friendly and kept checking that everything was OK and it was. Will definitely be returning often. *

Cindy C.
Dr. Feledy and his entire staff are just wonderful! When I had my first consult w/Dr. Feledy concerning breast reconstruction he was very patient with me, answered all my questions, and did not rush me to make a decision. I am so glad I was referred to Dr. Feledy. He did a fantastic job on my reconstruction and I remain forever grateful and very happy with how I look and feel! *

Barry S.
I want to thank Dr Feledy and his staff for taking such great care of me. I had to have a procedure to remove a tumor on my back. It turned out that the tumor was far more complicated than anticipated. I was very lucky to have Dr Feledy do the procedure because he was able to take care of my issue without any problem. He took his time to do the right thing for me and I received an exceptional result.The ease of the whole process was very smooth and successful. I really appreciate the care and treatment I received from Dr Feledy and his staff. Now my wife wants to have something done! She was also very impressed with the whole process and results. Thank you..we really appreciate it. We will refer our family and friends. The office was beautiful and clean. The artwork was elegant. *

Amanda H.
I heard about Belmont Aesthetics from a friend who had a tummy tuck by Dr Feledy. I called to set up a consultation and they were great about working with my schedule. I explained to them that I would be traveling to see them and they were great at setting up a consultation time and a surgery time. During my consultation I met with the office manager and Dr. Feledy. The office is small but very relaxing and I even heard other patients commenting on how relaxed they felt in the waiting area. The consultation went over great and I immediately felt comfortable following through with my procedure. They answered all of my questions and the manager was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. The day of my procedure was great. I was extremely nervous and upon voicing this to the staff, they instantly started to relieve some of my worries. While I was waiting I was never alone and that helped me relax a lot. The procedure was quick, it looks great, and I couldn't have asked for better assistance from their staff! The nurses, doctors, and office manager were all so great. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering a cosmetic procedure! *

Meredith D.
I recently bought an online deal for this spa. I am very pleased! The receptionist is very sweet and friendly and the Aesthetician Erika was great! She did my facial and eyelash extensions. She also did a complimentary Visi scan on me which is normally $150! Without the coupon it is a little pricey but given the area it is in that is expected. I have been looking for a new Aesthetician for sometime and Erica met my expectations and then some. I already made my next appointment. I recommend this place for amazing facials or lashes! (Trying out their microdermabrasion soon) *

Faye S.
I happened to fall on my face on evening on a brick that gashed my head open. My doctor referred me to Dr Feledy. He stayed with me and my family until he treated my injury in which he did a beautiful job. I had a wonderful experience and would recommend him to my family and friends. He was very fair to us with his billing and did

M S.
I have had surgery with Dr. Feledy. He is a talented and respectful physician. I enjoyed his attitude and felt so relieved by having such a skilled and kind doctor beside me. *

Lauren D.
I am 1 week post lipo and Dr. Feledy and his staff, especially Donna, have been more than great the entire time. Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly! Dr. Feledy is an awesome surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone that is interested in his services!!!! He and his staff will take the time to answer all of your questions and make sure that you are comfortable for the entire procedure. Overall, more than impressed and satisfied with Belmont Plastic Surgery!

Justin N.
It is rare to meet a Doctor with as much empathy and care. I have known Dr. Feledy for several years and recently needed his services and skills. Jessie and Donna and the rest of the staff have been equally amazing and helped me navigate an otherwise challenging process. I will be back as needed and can give the clinic as well as Dr. Feledy my highest recommendation *

Justin N.
It is rare to meet a Doctor with as much empathy and care. I have known Dr. Feledy for several years and recently needed his services and skills. Jessie and Donna and the rest of the staff have been equally amazing and helped me navigate an otherwise challenging process. I will be back as needed and can give the clinic as well as Dr. Feledy my highest recommendation *

Lauren G.
I found this spa because of a microdermabrasion Bloomspot deal, and was thrilled I did. It really is more of a medical facility vs. a spa, so if you're looking for a relaxing, zen-like environment, this might not be the place for you.

Erin, the woman who performed the Microderm was great-it was the best Microderm I've had yet. She was professional, knowledgeable, and best of all, I didn't feel as though she was trying to sell me something. Ask for her!

I will be a return customer! *

Rachel S.
I really enjoyed my "medical grade" facial here! The staff is awesome and the place is nice! *

Bridget H.
The nurse who consulted with me initially was great, did everything right, friendly, etc. Dr. Feledy was great, very personable and accessible. It's hard to judge his skills/expertise as I've only seen him once so far (for an injury, not anything "elective"). But I was pleased overall. *

Sarah N.
Dr. Feledy was our hero when he came to the ER to stitch up my daughter's facial laceration. Thank goodness for plastic surgeons like him who come to the ER to help when they are needed. His stitching looks great. I would give him 10 out of 5 stars if I could. We are so grateful to him! *

Chelsea S.
I had a Microdermabrasion and I loved it. Everyone at the office was so friendly and they made me feel very comfortable. The process was easy and I was in and out an on with my day. I would highly recommend Belmont Plastic Surgery, and am planning on being a repeat customer. I have been thinking about doing more intense surgeries, they have given me the information needed to make my decision, and have made me feel very comfortable with the process. Thanks to everyone on the staff that has helped in the past months, you guys are great. *

Phyllis K.
Belmont - who has done several microdermabrasion and facials for me is amazing - really the best I've ever had! This is a top notch facility!! *

Gabriela R.
I went to the Stafford location, but Doctor Feledy is amazing. I would highly recommend using him. His bedside manner is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable regardless of the issue (I had a cyst in my face). He goes above and beyond- I will definitely use him for all my aesthetic needs! *

Sopiha P.
Had the best facial with Chantal today. Already booked my next appointment. Loved everyone there. *

Evelyn F.
Best cosmetic dermatologist and nicest. *

Lisa P.
I Love Dr Feledy. I had a tummy tuck there and I am a New Woman. I look forward to getting my Laser Vein removal Treatments and i will be ready for Summer!! Thank you Belmont and Staff *

Carolyn W.
My lip injections didn't not last , only about 1 month ,but happy with the Botox , very nice dr. *

Aline P.
A kind and patient doctor. Really a brilliant mind with knowledge from the most renowned institutions. We are lucky to have him local. *

Dina M.
Great doctor.. Took the time to set with me and know my concerns. Very knowledgeable and know what is he doing. Extremely open to suggestions as he asked many times about my whole experience at his office. Donna his assistant is a great help too. Communication is vital thing and they were both on top of it. Would definitely come again and recommend to friends which I already did :) *

Jen B.
You can tell he cares. After consulting with Dr. Feledy I was able to quickly decide what to do. Billing and follow up appointment was handled by the nice office staff. I highly recommend Dr. Feledy and his staff. *

Candace W.
Dr. Feledy, I am very happy that you were able to whittle my middle and I am loving the results each day. Thank you Dr. Feledy for your incredible talent, proficiency, a great sense of humor and a pleasant experience. Donna (his girl Friday) thank you for your delightful bedside manner. You made my experience stress-free and comfortable. Your kindness and professionalism were great throughout the entire make Dr. Feledy look good. (girl-power!) Again, A Very Special Thank You with Sincere Appreciation. I love my sexy me. R.S. *

Kristen T.
I have been to see Dr. Feledy three times and am very pleased with the time and care he gives. I never feel rushed so I know if he is running late he is spending that same time and giving the same care to other patients, I call that a good Dr! I went in for a consult for one procedure and chose something else entirely and have never been pressured into feeling that I should do the other more costly one. I will be going back to this Dr and his results that I know I can trust! *

Jake M.
I had the pleasure of seeing Dr Feledy for the second time for a medical service. His results were stellar..the experience exceptional. Great staff!! My wife was so impressed, now she has made an appointment for something cosmetic. I am sure I will be seeing him again. Thank you for outstanding care..SWB. *

Diana R.
The entire experience was superb. Belmont Aesthetics was wonderful. Dr. Feledy was so caring and nice. The surgery went smoothly. The result is excellent. My only regret is that I waited so long. I wish I had done this a year ago! *

Dr. Feledy, Donna and the rest of his staff are very professional, treat the patients wonderful, and thoroughly answer all questions. Dr. Feledy has done 3 surgeries relating to breast cancer, all of which were a success and subsequent post-op went very smoothly. Dr. Feledy has never rushed, been abrasive and if running behind does apologize and continues to give 110% to the appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Feledy. *

Dr. Feledy was EXCELLENT. He listened very carefully to me and spent a lot of time working through a treatment plan. The surgery went very well. His postoperative care and followup was great. I was impressed with his staff and office. *

Dr. Feledy is an amazing reconstructive plastic surgeon. He has terrific bedside manner and is VERY thorough. He is definitely perfectionist! I would highly recommend him. He may not run completely on time all of the time, but he is well worth the wait. *

Dr Feledy removed a cancerous growth from my face. Not only does he have a wonderful bedside manner, he provided beautiful results. He is a wonderful doctor with impressive training, and I fortunately had the pleasure of his care. You cannot even see any signs on my face where the growth was removed. He did a beautiful job. I would recommend him to my friends and family. His assistant was very sweet and helpful throughout the process. I was lucky to find them. *

Very professional. Excellent results. Glad I chose him over the others. *

Dr Feledy and his assistant Donna, changed my life completely. I am so happy with my results, and will forever be grateful. You may wait a little for an appt, but rest assured, when he is running late, its because he is giving 100% attention to that pt in the exam room. When its your turn, you will in return get the same amount of time and attention. I appreciate how he spends time with shows he cares, and you're not just a 'number'. Great experience! *

Dr. Feledy was absolutely wonderful. He was both personally kind and extremely knowledgeable. He spent time with me and my husband to make sure that we were prepared for surgery. I had a great result, and the aftercare was very attentive. I would recommend him without reservation. *

Wonderful. Compassionate. Very thorough and caring. *

Joyce was recommended to me by a friend you had an IPL done. I went for the for a double laser treatment. She was attentive and informative. I already see the dark spot (sun/age spots) beginning to lift. In a few days these will flake off. *

I have seen Dr. Feledy before for a cosmetic procedure. Everything about him and his staff is excellent. Which, of course, one expects when going to see a top plastic surgeon. What I did not expect was the extreme kindness, patience, and care when coming in for an emergency. The staff was so sweet, even though I am sure I disrupted their day. I know I must have delayed other of his patients, I am truly sorry. But the confidence in knowing I would be see to have this emergency resolved was extremely comforting. Even after all was said and done, the office will submit to my insurance. I have yet to have this happen at a specialty doctor's office. Our pediatric dentist does not even file for us. I am so blown away by Dr. Feledy and his staff. Their kindness and support during a difficult and upsetting emergency was even more than I had hoped for.

Excellent. It was an emergency situation with my child. I called Dr. Feledy's office because I did not trust the care in the Emergency Room. His receptionist was kind, asked me to come is ASAP. She did explain that I may have to wait and I was instructed to bring a book or something for my child. However, when I arrived, the Dr. Feledy already had a room and was prepared for us. I felt terrible to back up his day. But he and the staff were not bothered or at least acted as such. I did notice as we exited, the receptionist apologizing to a waiting patient about the delay and offered her a free mini- facial or something. So, I am sure I caused a disruption. *


Dr. Feledy is gifted and amazing. Late a lot, but for a busy surgeon its to be expected. The emergency could be you. *

Dr. Feledy reconstructed both breasts for me 2013. He is very much a perfectionist and wasn't satisfied until he had done his best. I think the results are fantastic.. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking reconstructive breast surgery. *

Dr. Feledy is a perfectionist and has a wonderful bedside manner. I had total confidence in him for my breast reduction and couldn't be happier with the results. He may run late for appointments but it is because he gives his patients the attention and time they want and deserve. I highly recommend him for his expertise. *

Great experience with Dr. Feledy. Dr. Feledy is such a wonderful doctor. He takes his time to go over your personal history, preferred procedures as well as his concerns. The treatment that I received from him was beyond my expectations and would most certainly choose him for any further surgeries. *

So lucky to get Dr Feledy - TOP DOC!! I had an unfortunate experience with my puppy biting my nose while wrestling a piece of chocolate out of her mouth. She bit me..and I had to go to the ER to put my nose back together again, I was lucky enough to have gotten Dr Feledy. I did have to have surgery to fix my nose. He did an amazing job! I was blown away that he could put my nose back together again. We are so grateful. Definitely a great experience! Thank you.!! The staff were so helpful and professional. Many thanks to all of you *

Gina F.
Great Medical Care - Dr Feledy and Staff. I want to thank Dr Feledy and his staff for taking such great care of me. I had to have a procedure to remove a tumor on my back. It turned out that the tumor was far more complicated than anticipated. I was very lucky to have Dr Feledy do the procedure because he was able to take care of my issue without any problem. He took his time to do the right thing for me and I received an exceptional result. The ease of the whole process was very smooth and successful. I really appreciate the care and treatment I received from Dr Feledy and his staff. Now my wife wants to have something done! She was also very impressed with the whole process and results. Thank you..we really appreciate it. We will refer our family and friends. *

Most Wonderful Surgeon. Im very fortunate to have found Dr. Feledy. He has excellent bedside manners. Is very knowledgable and cares deeply for his patients well being. *

Great doctor, excellent results. Would recommend him to my family and friends. Staff is a plus as well, office runs very smoothly. Very nice experience. *

A great person and doctor. I was referred to Dr. Feledy by one of my coworkers for a breast problem. I was very nervous at first but as I discussed the issue with Dr. Feledy (and his nurse), I soon realized that everything was going to be OK. The surgery went very smoothly. The result has been great. I feel much more confident and really like the result. I am so happy that I met Dr. Feledy. He was really great. *

Wish I had done it sooner.... My friend referred me to Dr Feledy after she had some work done by him. I went in for a consult not sure of what the outcome might be.I was on the fence at that point.I was very impressed by him and the staff, so I went in for a few procedures that I ended up LOVING!!!.I wish I had done it sooner. I had an exceptional experience. Thank you..! *

Now that we are catching our breath after the sudden breast cancer diagnosis, we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your calm and kind professionalism during that whirlwind. We will be seeing a lot of you as we go through the reconstruction process, bet we will not forget how you treated me as a person, not a case, during that very difficult period. *

Thank god I was lucky enough to meet Dr Feledy in the ER one evening after an accidental fall. He repaired my forehead and I look fantastic. I am amazed that he did such a fine job. I thought I would have a wicked scar for the rest of my life. My follow up visits in the office were very friendly and efficient.I would highly recommend Dr Feledy and his staff. Now, I might consider doing other fun things. I look forward to my next visit. If you find yourself in the ER and need a pleasant and skilled Plastic Surgeon, ask for Dr Feledy. *

T. Reid
I don’t know where to start! This procedure has completely changed my life. I will never be able to express what it’s done for me. I don’t carry any mental baggage anymore. I will never forget how you changed my life! Completely! I pray blessings all over you both. I would have never imagined that I would have such beautiful results! *

Best of the Best. I interviewed several Plastic Surgeons before I made the decision to go with Dr Feledy. I really made the right decision. Not only was he professional, but his talent is amazing. I LOVE my results. The staff was so kind and efficient..I could not have asked for a better experience. You are the best of the best. Thank you and I will send all my friends and family! *

Highly recommended! Dr. Feledy is an excellent surgeon. He is professional, caring, and knowledgeable. It took a while for me to find a good plastic surgeon for my cosmetic procedures, finally I found him, the best in Northern Virginia and Maryland. I am so pleased with the result of my abdominoplasty and liposuction. I will definitely set another appointment for my breast correction. Every minute of the 5 hour round trip to go to his office to meet with him is worth it. Last but not least are his staff. They are well trained and professional as well. I highly recommend Dr. Feledy for cosmetic or even other surgeries. *

Excellent and Professional Doctor. I had to have implant exchanges and reconstructive breast surgery. I received excellent results and I also opted to get a neck lift at the same time with excellent results. I would highly recommend Dr. Feledy for any surgery. *

My experience with Dr Feledy and staff was a very positive one. I had a cosmetic procedure that turned out to be very satisfying and pleasing. His artistic perfectionism is something that should be acknowledged. I am very happy.I would send my family to him. *

A. C.
Thank you for stitching my head up so good! *

Very Happy and would do it again. I have been very happy with my results. My friends told me about Dr. Feledy, and I made an appointment. I learned a lot. My surgery went well. I am very happy. *

Excellent doctor. Dr. Feledy was very professional and caring. It was great. It was easy. I had a great surgery. I have recommended him to several friends. *

Professional and Caring. I am very happy with Dr. Feledy. I have found him to be very caring and approachable. The office is clean and the staff is wonderful. Dr. Feledy and his staff spent a lot of time with me at a very difficult time (breast cancer). I had a great surgery. I am very, very happy. *

B. H.
I am totally amazed with my Abdominoplasty! I cant believe how great my abdomen looks and how beautiful my scar is. It is nice and low and you cannot notice it in a bikini. You have a wonderful skill and I am so lucky to have chosen you to be my surgeon. I will send my family and friends to you if they ever need a Plastic Surgeon. You were great throughout the entire process with such care and a great sense of humor! Thank you for my great look! Its amazing. *

Dr. Feledy is the absolute BEST!! My experience with the entire staff at Belmont was nothing but positive from beginning to end. Although Dr. Feledy runs a busy practice he always made me feel like I was his first priority... *

Wonderful physician, very caring and professional. Has a wonderful manner and he and his staff were great. *

When I finally decided to have Plastic Surgery I interviewed Dr Feledy. We had a very thorough consultation. He spent a lot of time with me, his staff was very attentive and timely, and most of all my results were stellar. I am thinking about having surgery again and I wouldn't work with anyone else but Dr Feledy. *

Outstanding and Professional. Did a great job correcting a mistake from another Dr....very professional, even a bit 'nerdy', but that's the kind of Dr. I want ....SMART!!! *

Terry F.
I was a little frightened and excited by the prospect of moving forward with Breast Augmentation. After our consultation, I knew you were the doctor that could take me through this process safely with outstanding results. Your training and professionalism gave me a lot of confidence to move forward. I love the results! Very natural and soft… I have no regrets. Thank you for taking such great care of me and again, I really love the results! *

Outstanding doctor and staff. I was very lucky that DR Feledy took care of me. I could not have gotten a better doctor. The results were amazing. His assistant was very caring, professional and efficient. I would recommend him to my family and friends. *

Probably the most trained plastic surgeon in the Washington Area. He has worked in a few of the best institutions for plastic surgery. I felt confident choosing him to do my cosmetic work (simple compared to the surgeries he is trained to do). *

I worked out a lot in an effort to address what I later found out to be gynecomastia. After having it fixed with a male breast reduction surgery, the relief is enormous. Dr. Feledy truly changed my life. *

Wonderful doctor. Did a great job on my body. I would refer him to my family and friends. *

Dr. Feledy is a very busy Dr. He knows what he is doing and waiting my turn does not upset me. I don't mind waiting as he has always taken his time with me. Dr. Feledy always has several follow-up appointments as he is a perfectionist. *

I've never been someone interested in plastic surgery. However, I always had this annoying crease in my forehead that got worse as I got older. Turns out there is a solution for that. I'm glad I found Dr. Feledy as the brow lift surgery was flawless and I felt very cared for. *

Best plastic and reconstructive surgeon there is. Even though I waited 45 min, Dr. Feledy was very professional, knowledgeable, answered all my questions and did not rush me. Dr. Feledy may keep his patients waiting-but he is well worth the wait-once he sees you he does not rush, explains everything in plain english-so you have no problem understanding. His staff is very nice, friendly, and very willing to make your appointment goes smoothly. I have had several procedures and was never pressured to make my decision. *

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