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Mrs. Chantal Lefebvre, Master Aesthetician

Belmont Plastic Surgery would like to welcome Mrs. Chantal Lefebvre to our practice. She is a licensed Master Esthetician and a Certified Laser Technician from the National Laser Institute. She is licensed in the states of VA, MD and the District of Columbia.

Mrs. Lefebvre graduated from the prestigious International Ecole d’Esthetique Jeanne Gatineau in Paris. She worked in various exclusive Spas in Paris as well as on the French Riviera before moving and then working in Washington DC area.

Chantal regularly attends classes, seminars, and lectures on new technology, skin care products, and skin treatment protocols in order to respond to the constant changes in the skin and different need at different stages in life. She will personalize your skincare regimen to make sure you can achieve a healthy tone and beautiful complexion. She makes sure that each visit starts with a VISIA skin analysis, followed by a customized skin care treatment to target your specific needs. Chantal also specializes in post-operative Lymphatic massage. When performed by an experienced therapist, will aid in the facilitation of lymphatic drainage from a surgical site such as face, neck, abdomen and legs. Other benefits of this therapy include an increase in the blood supply to the region and the fact that it is very soothing and relaxing. She will be available to patients post operatively after our many surgeries that are performed by Dr. Feledy.

Chantal is a certified specialist in treating those undergoing cancer treatment. Products and techniques specially designed for cancer patients are used to help maintain and restore healthy skin.

We believe that Mrs. Lefebvre is an exceptional addition to our practice. With her wealth of knowledge, she will be able to target and implement your specialized needs.

Ms. Joyce Jackson, NP

Ms. Jackson is one of the most respected and sought after providers in the field of Phlebology in our country. She has 22 years of experience in the treatment and management of lower extremity venous disease.

She is a committee member of the American College of Phlebology, which is the field of medicine devoted to the study and treatment of diseases in veins. She has trained many physicians and providers nationally in the diagnosis and treatment of lower extremity venous disease.

Joyce has extensive experience in the following procedures:

  • Micro-injection sclerotherapy
  • Ultrasound directed sclerotherapy
  • Laser treatment to superficial telangiectasia
  • Color-flow ultrasound diagnostics
  • Mapping of the venous system
  • Endovenous laser procedures (EVLT)

She currently works in the Washington, DC, and California regions. She is a featured specialist at clinics in Beverly Hills, where she has worked with the entertainment industry, and in Palo Alto, where she has been involved in teaching endovenous procedures. In the DC area, she began her career with The American Vein Institute as the clinical director for nine office locations.

In addition to her clinical expertise, she has lectured across the country and published papers as well as book chapters in the field of venous disease.

Ms. Jackson brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the Chevy Chase area. We are excited that she has chosen to join our team.

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