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Thigh Lift
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Reshape and Slim Down the Thigh

Thigh Lift Surgery

A thigh lift, otherwise known as a thighplasty, is the cosmetic procedure introduced to reshape and slim down the outer or inner thighs of a woman or man. This procedure is ideal for treating loose skin and fat in and around the inner or outer thighs. For anyone not satisfied with the look of their thighs or who feels they detract from the optimal body shape they want, a thigh lift can be the perfect solution. Reach out to Belmont Plastic Surgery now to find out how to avail yourself of one of the finest thigh lifts available in Washington DC.

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“I literally hid my thighs through my entire 20s and didn't wear a bathing suit in public for over a decade. I can't express how much Dr. Feledy and Belmont helped me with the thigh lift I received. I finally wore a bathing suit again and feel like a new chapter of my life has arrived.”

- D.C.*

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How does thigh lift surgery work?

A thigh lift is preceded by careful planning. Your plastic surgeon will listen to your goals for the procedure in order to determine the best approach for your needs and preferences. We take time to assess your candidacy and answer all of your questions, ensuring you are confident in your decision before moving forward.

A thigh lift is an outpatient procedure that usually takes 2-3 hours. To start, general anesthesia will be used to ensure comfort during the procedure. Your surgeon then marks the areas on the thighs to be targeted for reshaping. They will then make discreet incisions following the natural contours and lines of your lower body. Excess skin in the thighs is carefully removed using liposuction, leaving behind smoother, tighter skin.

Our surgeons carefully place the incisions where they are well concealed by garments, including swimwear. An inner thigh lift typically employs an incision from the groin that extends downward or around the back of the thigh. An outer thigh lift, on the other hand, involves an incision from the groin, up around the hip, and crossing over to the back. Excess skin laxity on the thighs is addressed through excision, while fat reduction is achieved through liposuction.

Once excess tissues have been carefully trimmed and sculpted away, deep sutures are applied to support the thigh’s new contours, followed by smaller closures in the skin. The patient is then monitored in a comfortable recovery area and is typically released to return home the same day.

Benefits of a Thigh Lift


A thigh lift targets excess skin, often left behind following significant weight loss, as well as pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise. Individuals may enjoy renewed confidence in their physical appearance. A thigh lift can be an excellent investment in yourself, highlighting and refining the result of your weight loss journey and letting you enjoy a wider range of clothing styles.

But the benefits of this procedure go beyond just cosmetic improvements. A thigh lift can also relieve physical discomfort and skin chafing and rashes caused by friction during walking or running. Improving comfort during exercise can open the door to enjoying more activities and living a more fit and active lifestyle.

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Ideal Candidates


Ideal candidates for a thigh lift have an excess of soft tissue in the outer or inner thighs. If you’re considering thigh lift surgery, plastic surgeons recommend non-smokers who exercise regularly, are committed to maintaining their weight at a stable level, and who are educated on the procedure and have reasonable expectations for its outcomes.


Your recovery time vary but Washington DC thigh lift patients can expect anywhere from four to six weeks of reduced activity. Walking is usually not advised the day after surgery. You will likely need to use tape and wear compression garments for approximately three weeks. Post-procedure discomfort and swelling are normal and managed as needed with medication. We will provide detailed aftercare instructions and check your healing at post-operative visits. It will take time for the incisions to flatten and fade and for your results to refine themselves, typically several months. Well worth the wait, your results will continue to improve during this time, revealing taut, sculpted contours.

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Thigh Lift Alternatives


For some, targeting just the outer and inner thighs with liposuction can be enough to achieve excellent results. Liposuction can greatly benefit younger patients who have good skin elasticity but are dealing with persistent deposits of fat, not excessive or sagging skin.

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Thigh Lift Procedure


Very often, Liposuction is performed along with a thigh lift. If you have experienced significant loss of weight, we may recommend using other procedures for body contouring such as a tummy tuck, lower body lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, Mommy Makeover, or liposuction. For individuals seeking a non-surgical option, we also offer non-invasive treatments with EmSculpt®. You can discuss these options with Washington DC thigh lift provider, Dr. Feledy during your appointment.

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Discuss the Risks With Your Doctor


Similar to other surgical operations, undergoing a thigh lift carries inherent risks and uncertainties. Potential complications associated with the procedure can include unsatisfactory scarring, hemorrhaging (hematoma), infections, fluid buildup, suboptimal skin healing, formation of blood clots, altered skin sensation such as numbness, anesthesia-related hazards, and undesired aesthetic outcomes. At Belmont Plastic Surgery, our commitment lies in offering the safest available thigh lift procedures in Washington DC. Detailed discussions regarding any risks involved and strategies for mitigating postoperative side effects will be extensively addressed in your consultation with the surgeon.

Thigh Lift
Frequently Asked Questions

A thigh lift can provide long-lasting improvements, especially when a stable weight and healthy lifestyle are maintained. It is normal for some skin laxity to return as a natural result of aging, but many people see optimal results for five to ten years and continue to enjoy more sculpted contours for longer.

A thigh lift is usually considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance. Some plans may provide coverage for a thigh lift that is medically necessary. We accept financing through CareCredit to help patients pay for their procedures in a way that fits their budget.

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