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Are You Ready For Botox?

September 25, 2013 - By Dr. Jules Feledy

Are You Ready For Botox?

Social media is in stitches over a recent article about the perils of shopping at the somewhat intimidating Whole Foods. Surviving Whole Foods is a comedic article by Kelly Maclean about her experiences from aisle to aisle in the upscale and health conscious supermarket. One of her most poignant points is her experience with a skin imaging system that boasts an in-store diagnosis of just about everything wrong with your skin with just a few pictures. If you are noticing lines and folds in the skin then an aisle bought remedy may not be enough.

Learn more about faster results for your face by using the nonsurgical injectable, Botox Cosmetic.

Surviving Whole Foods turns the ever growing annoyance of skin imperfections into a laughing matter but if you are ready to laugh without having the laugh lines to prove it, courses of Botox may be the most effective and least invasive of all of your options. Recently the FDA approved Botox for the treatment of crows feet. This approval joins the use of Botox for horizontal wrinkles, lines around the mouth, and vertical lines between the brows.

Skincare products can correct things like dryness and redness. But when a wrinkle appears it more often than not is etched into the skin and cannot be reversed without some sort of medical intervention. BOTOX continues to impress physicians and please patients.

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