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Your Most Well-Rested Face Ever

April 26, 2016 - By Dr. Jules Feledy

Your Most Well-Rested Face Ever

There are many ways to restore a youthful look to your face. While there are several options involving both surgical and non-surgical ophthalmic treatments, sometimes improving other areas of the face can enhance the look of your eyes without ever treating them. Cheek augmentation can help recreate the look of full, younger-looking cheeks associated with youth. Like the eyes, cheeks can lose volume with age, resulting in a sunken-in appearance that looks tired and aged. As the aging process takes place, the fat in our cheeks can droop downward. By undergoing cheek augmentation and restoring fat higher up on the face, the eyes can also suddenly look more awake, resulting in a younger appearance.

There are two major kinds of cheek augmentation. The first is non-surgical, and involves injecting fillers containing hyaluronic acid or ingredients that stimulate collagen. An example of this kind of filler would be Radiesse, though there are several options. The result of this kind of augmentation is immediate—your cheeks will instantly look fuller, and the natural contour of the cheek will be more obvious. Injectable fillers are a good option for those with sunken cheeks that appear flat or non-dimensional. These fillers are not a permanent fix, however.

For patients with saggy cheeks, marked by loose skin and a pronounced loss of elasticity, a facelift combined with a fat transfer may be a better and more permanent option. First, the facelift tightens the muscles and tissues under the cheeks, creating an improved framework of the face. Although this procedure does reduce the sagginess associated with age, it does not address the loss of volume. In the second component on the procedure, the physician transplants fat from another part of the body into the cheeks. This procedure is done within one appointment. Because of the more dramatic nature of this procedure, recovery time is much longer than that associated with injectable fillers.

Another indicator of rest in your eyes. Dark under eye circles are immediately aging. There are a number of factors we attribute to under eye circles—stress, lack of sleep, and dehydration, to name a few. Dark under-eye circles can cause us to look exhausted, leading to a haggard, aged appearance. These circles are caused by blood that collects in the vessels lying close to the skin surface. On top of that, our skin is the thinnest right around the eye, compounding the darkening effect.

Circles can also develop when fat deposits disrupt the smoothness of the under eye skin. Light does not reflect properly from the eye, which causes the casting of that characteristic under eye shadow. Sun exposure can intensify this darkness, as it will boost melanin production, causing an darkening effect.

For more dramatic, lasting results, some may seek lower eyelid surgery. This kind of procedure will remove or tighten excess fat below the eye, minimizing puffiness, and ultimately removing the platform upon which a shadow would be highlighted. No matter what path you choose, remember to protect your eyes from the sun. Apply sunscreen to keep dark circles at bay. Always wear sunglasses to keep your eyes healthy; as an added bonus, sunglasses will also prevent you from squinting, which can lead to pronounced wrinkles around the eyes.

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