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Facial Surgery Procedures to Rejuvenate Your Look in the New Year

February 10, 2015 - by Dr. Jules Feledy

Facial Surgery Procedures to Rejuvenate Your Look

If you want to treat yourself to a makeover as the new year unfolds, don’t overlook the benefits of facial plastic surgery procedures that can reverse some of the signs of aging and rejuvenate your look. We perform several targeted procedures to treat some common signs of aging, such as deep wrinkles, sagging skin, and even facial hollows. If you are tired of fighting the clock with fillers and Botox and are ready for long-term change, talk to us about any of these facial surgery procedures that can rejuvenate your look in the new year:

Brow Lift

One of the telltale signs of aging is sagging skin around the brows. If sagging and droopy skin is making you look older or tired, you may be a good candidate for brow lift surgery. The brow lift can correct droopy brows to create a more alert and fresh-faced appearance. This procedure may also involve tightening the muscles and tissues. It is typically performed under general anesthesia, and may be performed with eyelid surgery or a neck lift for more dramatic results. Most brow lift patients are in their 40s through 60s.


This is a minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation procedure that can be very effective for smoothing out the skin and restoring a youthful complexion. If you have had problems with acne in the past, have hyper pigmented patches, or you struggle to maintain an even skin tone, dermabrasion can help to restore a fresh-faced look without incisions. We can correct many surface irregularities with a procedure that involves safely scraping off the top layer of skin. Your skin will heal and repair itself naturally, leaving you with beautiful and healthy-looking skin.

Cheek Augmentation

If hollowed cheeks are adding years to your appearance, facial fillers can only do so much to restore lost volume as you get older. A cheek augmentation procedure performed using cheek implants or a fat grafting technique can restore volume loss for results that last several years. This procedure can be very effective for restoring youthful facial contours and enhancing your look.

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