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Breast Augmentation
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A breast augmentation is the plastic surgery procedure that is used to increase the size of the breasts. This procedure is also referred to as an augmentation mammoplasty, ‘boob job,’ or breast implant surgery. Although most people know that this procedure is used to increase the volume of the breasts, they are typically unaware that an augmentation also improves the shape of the breast. At Belmont Plastic Surgery Center, in Chevy Chase, Maryland, near Fredericksburg, Virginia, Dr. Jules Feledy performs breast implant surgeries to help women attain the voluptuous breasts they have always dreamed of. Dr. Feledy is an award-winning plastic surgeon with more than 15 years of experience.

The Right Fit For You


Women interested in attaining fuller, more voluptuous breasts, women who would like to address breasts that are uneven or women who want to improve their breast shape may be good candidates for this procedure. When determining if a patient is a good candidate for a breast augmentation with Dr. Feledy at his surgery center near Fredericksburg, Virginia, one of the most important factors is ensuring that the patient is having this procedure for herself, not someone else. As long as you are mentally and physically healthy, and you understand the limitations of a breast augmentation, you should be a good candidate for this procedure.

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The Breasts They Desire


Yes, a woman who has asymmetrical breasts may be a good candidate for a breast augmentation at Dr. Feledy’s surgery center near Fredericksburg, Virginia. With a breast augmentation Fredericksburg plastic surgeon, Dr. Feledy, creates women the properly-proportioned breasts they desire.

Achieving the Best Appearance


The modern silicone breast implants available today are very different from the traditional silicone implants used in the past. Traditional silicone implants consisted of liquid silicone, which is why a leak or rupture was problematic. Once the shell of the traditional silicone implant was compromised, the liquid silicone could exit the breast area and move throughout the body. The modern silicone breast implants used today are approved for use by the FDA and attaining FDA-approval is a fairly lengthy process. The FDA ensures a product is safe for its intended use by having a group of independent physicians research and then test the product before the FDA will approve the product for use by the general population. Today’s implants contain a silicone that is much thicker than that which was used in the traditional silicone implants. This ensures that if the shell is compromised in any way, the silicone will remain within the breast implant’s pocket, thus, eliminating concerns related to silicone moving throughout the body.

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Choose The Best Options For You


Many of the women residing in and around Fredericksburg, Virginia, are choosing to have their breast augmentation procedures performed at Belmont Plastic Surgery Center by the renowned aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Jules Feledy.

Dr Jules Feledy, Plastic Surgeon in Washington DC & Chevy Chase

A Consultation For A Breast Augmentation Near Fredericksburg, Virginia

As a board-certified, award-winning aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Feledy creates each of his patients a custom-designed surgical plan. The first step in the path towards attaining the more voluptuous breasts you desire is scheduling an initial consultation at Belmont Plastic Surgery. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, call the surgery center at (301) 654-5666 or just contact the office by using the online contact form. After the appointment has been scheduled, patients can print up their registration forms by visiting the patient information page. Patients need to bring these completed forms to their first appointment. In addition, if the patient has had any kind of breast procedure (e.g., breast biopsy, mammogram, etc.), Dr. Feledy needs to have the medical reports pertaining to these procedures as well.

Additional Reading

Patients should expect to have their breasts examined during this consultation. Dr. Feledy or his medical assistant will take various breast measurements. In addition, several photos may be taken of the breasts. These photos are extremely helpful as Dr. Feledy creates the patient’s custom-tailored surgical plan. In addition, many patients like to use these pictures for comparison purposes after their breast augmentations. These pictures remain within the patient’s file and are considered confidential. Having extensive experience in all aspects of breast augmentation products and procedures allows Dr. Jules Feledy to make recommendations based on the patient’s desires and body type. Once Dr. Feledy discusses his recommendations with the patient, if she decides to move forward with breast implant surgery, the patient may receive specific information about preparing for a breast augmentation near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Since anesthesia is used during breast implant surgery, patients do need to bring a licensed driver with them on the day of their surgery. Please be aware that, for the safety of his patients, Dr. Jules Feledy does not permit the use of any type of public transportation or for-hire driving services after procedures that require sedation or anesthesia.

Breast Implant Options

When it comes to breast implants, the patient has two options, saline-filled breast implants or implants filled with a thick silicone gel. Breast implant options include:


a saline implant consists of a silicone shell filled with salt water (i.e., saline). The saline breast implant shell arrives at the surgery center empty, therefore, Dr. Feledy fills this type of implant during the breast augmentation procedure. After inserting the implant, Dr. Feledy fills the shell with saline until the number of cubic centimeters (CCs) the patient desires are reached. In the event of a rupture, the saline will exit the implant’s pocket and be absorbed by the body. Since this fluid is simply saline, there are no concerns related to the fluid harming the body. However, as the implant loses fluid, the patient will notice that her breast is shrinking.


these implants arrive at the surgery center ready for insertion. They, too, consist of a silicone shell, however, the silicone implant shell is pre-filled with thick silicone gel. Today, one of the most sought-after silicone implants is the ‘gummy bear’ breast implant. These implants are made using a highly-cohesive, form-stable gel: This gel is so thick that even if the implant is cut open, the gel inside each piece of the implant remains solid, just as a gummy bear would. With these breast implants, if the silicone shell is compromised in any way, the gel remains inside the pocket and the breast size remains the same. Typically, the only way to know that there has been a breech in the shell is through MRI imaging. For this reason, women who choose this type of implant need to have a breast MRI performed biannually.

Breast Implant Characteristics For A Breast Augmentation Near Fredericksburg, Virginia:


Both types of implants can be round or anatomical.


Saline breast implants offer moderate to high profiles. Silicone breast implant profiles range from moderate to ultra-high.


A saline breast implant usually creates a rounder looking breast than a silicone implant.


Silicone implants tend to feel more natural than their saline counterparts.


There are smooth shells and textured shells available. Implant shape may dictate which surface would serve a breast augmentation patient best.

Additional Reading

A smooth shell allows the breast implant to move about freely within its pocket and is frequently used when the implant is round. A textured shell is designed to hold a breast implant in place, which is why these shells are usually preferred when a patient chooses to have teardrop-shaped breast implants. When the surface of an implant is textured, the body creates tissue that attaches to these textured implants. This attachment helps hold the implant in place, greatly reducing the chance of it rotating into an undesirable position.

Surgical Options For A Breast Augmentation


The pocket for an implant can be created behind the breast tissue, but in front of the pectoral muscle (i.e., submammary) or beneath the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle (i.e., submuscularly).

Incision Location Options

Incision placement is discussed during the patient’s initial and/or pre-surgical appointment. The type of implant being placed usually dictates which breast augmentation incision is best to use. Incision options include:


an incision is created within the crease beneath the breast.


the incision is created within the underarm.


a circular incision is created around the border of the nipple-areolar complex.

Regardless as to the location of the incisions, Dr. Jules Feledy uses his experience, vision and skill to ensure any resulting scars are hidden within the patient’s natural body contours.

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Learn More


Patients should arrive at the surgery center, with their driver, approximately 15 minutes before their breast augmentation surgery. Patients who do not have a driver with them will need to reschedule their procedure. While the patient is in pre-op, Dr. Feledy will come in to answer any last-minute questions she has, make markings on her breasts (he uses these markings as a guide during the procedure) as well as go over the previously discussed incision locations and implant size (especially if saline implants are being used).

Additional Reading

  1. After receiving anesthesia, the patient falls asleep.
  2. The previously discussed incision is created in one of the patient’s breasts.
  3. A pocket is made, either subglandularly or submuscularly.
  4. The implant is carefully inserted into its pocket.
  5. If saline implants are being used, Dr. Feledy fills the implant shell until it reaches the desired number of CCs.
  6. The other breast is addressed.
  7. Before completing the breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Feledy views both breasts at the same time to ensure that the implants are centered beneath the nipple-areolar complexes. In addition, if saline implants were used, he will make sure that the breasts are the same size.
  8. The incisions are closed with sutures and then a medical adhesive.
  9. Dressings and a compression garment are placed.
  10. The surgery is complete and the patient is moved to recovery.

Once the patient awakes, she is released to her driver, however, before leaving the surgery center, the patient receives information about caring for her breasts, the date and time of her follow-up appointment as well as information regarding her restrictions.

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The Results


It is essential that the patient wears her compression bra for the length of time recommended by Dr. Feledy; otherwise, the results of her augmentation mammoplasty will be negatively affected. The compression this bra provides helps reduce swelling, which decreases pain. In addition, this bra provides support for the breasts. A feeling of pressure is common following an augmentation mammoplasty. This feeling occurs due to muscle contractions that are occurring in the chest. These contractions are a natural response to the stretching of the muscles that occurred as the implants were placed. This sensation will subside with time. Swelling and pain should be expected. Dr. Feledy does provide medication to help reduce these symptoms. After about a week, the majority of Dr. Feledy’s breast implant surgery patients can return to work. Dr. Jules Feledy will determine when the patient is ready to return to performing strenuous activities: This restriction usually lasts no more than six weeks. If you are interested in learning more about the breast enhancement procedures, including breast augmentations, that are available near Fredericksburg, Virginia, contact Dr. Feledy’s surgery center today. To reach Belmont Plastic Surgery call (301) 654-5666, or click here to use the online form. Dr. Jules Feledy’s surgery center is located at 5530 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 818, in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Breast Augmentation
Frequently Asked Questions

A breast augmentation is not designed to lift the breasts, to accomplish this, a patient must have a breast lift (aka mastopexy). The augmentation mammoplasty procedure is used to add volume to, and enhance the shape of the breasts.

Yes, many of Dr. Feledy’s Fredericksburg, Virginia, patients choose to have this combination procedure. When both of these procedures are performed, the patient enjoys breasts that are fuller, shapelier and sitting higher on her chest. When performing a lift, Dr. Jules Feledy can also reduce the size of the nipple-areolar complexes.

Despite the type of procedure being performed, there are always risks to consider. Although the likelihood of experiencing complications following an augmentation mammoplasty is small, potential complications must be acknowledged.

  • A reaction to the anesthesia used during surgery.
  • Scars that are visible.
  • Bleeding.
  • Infection.
  • Breasts that are not symmetrical.
  • A tear in the implant.
  • A ruptured implant.
  • Changes in the sensitivity of the nipple-areolar complexes.
  • A future revision.

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The surgeons at Belmont Plastic Surgery are here to help you take the next step on your aesthetic journey. Whether you want to restore what has been lost or improve upon what you already have, our surgeons will help you make the best possible choices for your care and deliver excellent results. Every day is an opportunity to live a more beautiful life. Seize your opportunity today with a consultation at Belmont Plastic Surgery.

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