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Becoming a mother brings with it an array of once in a lifetime experiences and beautiful, loving memories. However, the path to motherhood also leads to physical changes. These physical changes usually affect the mother’s breasts and abdominal area. Today, with the advancements in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, mothers can address these changes during a single surgical session. At Belmont Plastic Surgery, near Fredericksburg, Virginia, Dr. Jules Feledy offers mothers a combination of procedures designed to target these problem areas: This group of targeted procedures is referred to as a mommy makeover.

Increase Your Self-Esteem

Why Are Mothers in and Around Fredericksburg, Virginia, Having Mommy Makeovers?

Over the last decade, the number of mothers choosing to undergo a mommy makeover has increased substantially. With the procedure options available at Dr. Feledy’s surgery center, near Fredericksburg, Virginia, mothers can rejuvenate their bodies. This rejuvenation can increase self-esteem, which can help improve other areas of their lives.

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The Best Fit For You

Which Procedures Can Be Included in a Mommy Makeover Near Fredericksburg, Virginia?

The procedures included in a mommy makeover vary, but are usually designed to address common problem areas following pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Most often, mothers choose to address their abdominal area, stubborn pockets of fat and their breasts.

Some of the most common mommy makeover procedures include:

  • A full tummy tuck (aka abdominoplasty).
  • A mini tummy tuck (aka mini abdominoplasty).
  • A breast lift (aka mastopexy).
  • Liposuction of areas resistant to diet and exercise (e.g., waist, hips, flanks, etc.).
  • A breast reduction (aka reduction mammoplasty).
  • Breast implant surgery (aka breast augmentation).
  • A breast augmentation with a lift.

A mommy makeover usually includes two or three of the procedures listed above.

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Understanding The Purpose

Who Should Consider Having a Mommy Makeover?

A woman interested in having this group of procedures has to be at least 18. She must be a nonsmoker and in good health. In addition, she needs to understand the purpose of each procedure so she and Dr. Feledy can work together to choose those that will address her particular issues the best.

Dr Jules Feledy, Plastic Surgeon in Washington DC & Chevy Chase

An Initial Consultation for a Mommy Makeover at Dr. Feledy’s Surgery Center Near Fredericksburg, Virginia

After scheduling their initial consultation for a mommy makeover Fredericksburg patients need to visit Belmont’s patient information page to print up their registration forms. After printing them up, patients need to fill them out and bring them to the surgery center on the day of their consultation. After looking over the patient’s paperwork and finding out what she would like to accomplish, Dr. Feledy will perform a physical examination. The areas that he will examine depends on which parts of the body the patient would like him to address. As he examines the various areas of the patient’s body, he will be evaluating the quality of the patient’s skin, measurements may be taken and he may also take photographs of the areas the patient wants treated. All the information gathered during the initial consultation is used to create the patient’s personalized mommy makeover surgical plan. Any photos taken are part of the patient’s medical record, which means they are private; therefore, these photos are not shared with others.

Following the examination, Dr. Feledy will be able to inform the patient which of the mommy makeover procedures available at his surgery center near Fredericksburg, Virginia, will provide her with the results she desires. Patients should feel free to ask questions about the various procedures, recovery or anything else they are curious about. If the patient decides to move forward with a mommy makeover, another appointment to go over her personalized surgical plan needs to be scheduled.

Be Comfortable

Mommy Makeover Procedure Options, Explained

Mommy makeover procedures are performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. This ensures she remains comfortable and asleep throughout her procedure.


Even when a mother does her best to eat well and exercise regularly, there are parts of the body that are resistant to diet and exercise. It is in these areas that liposuction can be used to remove this excess fat and tissue.

A liposuction procedure is designed to remove excess tissue and fat from the:

  • Flanks.
  • Abdominal area.
  • Thighs.
  • Hips.
  • Back of knees.
  • Waist.
  • Buttocks.
  • Chin.
  • Breast area (especially the areas where the bra tends to accentuate excess fat).
  • Upper arm section.

If a patient chooses to have liposuction during her mommy makeover, Dr. Feledy will create several incisions in the areas he is treating. These incisions are very small. He injects a special fluid into the treatment area. This fluid dissolves the fat, which allows it to be suctioned out easier. After the fat has dissolved, a hollow, thin tube (i.e., cannula) is inserted through the incisions. The cannula is attached to a plastic surgery machine designed to suction the dissolved fat out of the patient’s body. Mothers having abdominoplasty and/or breast procedures frequently add liposuction to their mommy makeover procedure list. The length of a liposuction procedure is determined by the number of areas Dr. Feledy is treating. Liposuction patients compare the discomfort they experienced after their procedure to what it feels like following the completion of a strenuous workout. Some patients receive drains, which help decrease inflammation by providing excess fluid a way to escape the body. All liposuction patients receive a compression garment, which is worn for approximately two weeks. This garment helps reduce swelling and provides support for the newly contoured sections of the body. Once recovery is complete, as long as the patient exercises regularly and eats healthy, the results attained during a liposuction procedure will be permanent.

A Mastopexy

Dr. Feledy performs a breast lift during a mommy makeover to address pendulous breasts (i.e., ptosis). A mastopexy is not designed to increase the size of the breasts; however, if a mother wants to lift and increase the size of her breasts, she can add a breast augmentation to her procedure list.

Additional Reading

During a breast lift, Dr. Feledy moves the patient’s breasts to a higher location on her chest. He also reduces the size of the nipple-areolar complexes to ensure they are proportionate to the size of the patient’s newly-lifted breasts. Once the complexes are proportionate, they are carefully positioned on the breast mounds. Dr. Feledy takes great pride in providing his patients with balanced, natural-looking results. On average, this procedure can last up to two hours: It is the degree of the patient’s ptosis that determines how long the breast lift will take.

A Breast Augmentation

Following pregnancy and breastfeeding, some mothers find that their breasts have lost volume. While an augmentation is used to increase breast volume, it cannot raise the breasts higher on the chest. However, mothers can have a breast lift during the same surgical session to address lost volume and droopy breasts.

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While performing a breast augmentation, Dr. Feledy places breast implants, which consist of either silicone or saline, into a pocket that he creates submuscularly or subglandularly. Submuscular placement involves him creating an implant pocket beneath both the glandular tissue and the pectoral muscle. If the pocket is created subglandularly, it is above the muscle, but beneath the glandular tissue in the breast. Mothers who choose to add breast implant surgery to their mommy makeover list of procedures will have several decisions to make regarding their procedure. Options that Dr. Jules Feledy will discuss with the patient before her breast augmentation procedure include specifics related to the breast implant itself, pocket location and incisions. These specifics include the implants’:

  • Size.
  • Shape (round or anatomical).
  • Type (saline or silicone, including the notorious gummy bear implant).
  • Texture (smooth or textured).
  • Pocket location (subglandularly or submuscularly).
  • Incision for insertion (inframammary, periareolar or transaxillary).

Although, initially, the number of choices may seem overwhelming, Dr. Feledy’s experience allow him to help mothers with making all these decisions. He can accurately determine which implant characteristics, incision location and pocket placement will provide the patient with the optimal results. Breast implant surgery takes around 60 to 90 minutes to perform. Approximately five days after an augmentation the patient can return to work/school. The inflammation that results from a breast augmentation usually subsides several weeks after the procedure. Some of Dr. Feledy’s patients, who are having breast implant surgery as part of their mommy makeover, choose to have a breast lift as well.

An Augmentation with a Lift

An augmentation provides a mother with the more voluptuous breasts she desires and a lift creates her the youthful-looking breasts she longs for. Dr. Feledy performs both of these procedures during mommy makeovers at his surgery center near Fredericksburg, Virginia. The extent of the lift and augmentation determines how long this combination procedure will take. Following an augmentation with a lift, patients must avoid heavy lifting for at least a month. With time, the results attained via these procedures continue to improve and the visible scarring fades.

A Reduction Mammoplasty

A breast reduction procedure is designed to address overly large breasts. With this procedure, Dr. Jules Feledy removes excess glandular tissue, fat and skin. He uses his expertise to reduce the size of the nipple-areolar complexes and move the patient’s breast mounds to a natural-looking location higher up on her chest. In addition, he carefully repositions the complexes on the new breast mounds. Breast reductions can take up to five hours. Mothers who have this procedure should take about two weeks off work/school. Patients must avoid heavy lifting until they are released to do so.

A Mini or Full Abdominoplasty

Dr. Feledy performs full and mini tummy tuck procedures at his surgery center. He performs a mini tummy tuck to address the abdominal area beneath the navel (aka belly button) and a full tummy tuck to address the upper and lower abdominal areas. Incision length and location is determined by which abdominoplasty procedure the patient is having performed. After creating the appropriate incision, he may use liposuction to remove excess fat and tissue before repairing or tightening the abdominal muscles. Excess skin is removed, providing the patient with a smaller waist and more defined abdomen. In addition, any stretch marks that are present in the excised skin are removed with it.

A Designer Navel

Some mommy makeover patients who choose to have a full abdominoplasty will need a designer navel (aka designer belly button). As an experienced aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Feledy has been creating natural-looking designer belly buttons for years. Depending on the procedure Dr. Feledy is performing, an abdominoplasty can last from three to four hours. It is common for patients to feel uncomfortable for several days after their procedure. Approximately two weeks post-op, patients can return to work/school.

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Recovery Process

Recovering from a Fredericksburg Mommy Makeover: What Patients Can Expect

As each mommy makeover procedure is unique, so is the recovery process; however, on average, patients should expect their recovery time to last from 2-3 weeks. As such, mothers who work or go to school need to take at least three weeks off for recovery. Taking more time is recommended because, for most, returning to work/school early is usually easier than asking for additional time to recover.

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Experience And Artistic Vision

Mommy Makeover Scars

Although mothers should expect to have visible scarring after their procedures, Dr. Jules Feledy’s experience and artistic vision allows him to successfully camouflage most surgical incisions. Furthermore, as time passes, as long as the patient follows Dr. Feledy’s recommendations related to caring for her incisions and resulting scars, she will notice that the visibility of her scars is decreasing.

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Custom-Designed Treatment Plan

Personalized Mommy Makeovers Near Fredericksburg, Virginia, with Dr. Feledy

Every patient is unique, which is why Dr. Feledy creates each of his patients a custom-designed treatment plan. By creating personalized treatment plans, Dr. Jules Feledy makes sure that he addresses the areas of the body that each mommy makeover patient is most concerned with.

Mommy Makeover
Frequently Asked Questions

Since each mommy makeover is custom-designed for a specific patient, the only way to find out the cost of a mommy makeover is for the patient to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Jules Feledy.

Usually, health insurance companies do not cover any plastic surgery procedures; however, women who are seeking a breast reduction because of neck pain, back pain and/or rashes beneath their breasts may be able to get their breast reduction covered. For this reason, prior to scheduling a mommy makeover, these patients should contact their insurance companies to inquire about their particular benefits.

Dr. Jules Feledy wants to help mothers interested in recapturing their pre-pregnancy figure. As such, he offers his mommy makeover patients two financing program options. It is Dr. Jules Feledy’s dedication to providing his patients with beautiful, natural-looking mommy makeover results and caring demeanor that has made him one of the top 40 plastic surgeons in Maryland. With more than 15 years of experience, patients know they are in good hands. Mothers residing in and around Fredericksburg, Virginia, who are interested in learning more about the procedures available at Belmont Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, Maryland, can click here or call (301) 654-5666 to schedule their initial consultation. Dr. Jules Feledy’s surgery center is located at 5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 818.

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